Rock Solutions Inc. is a firm which provides Erosion and Environmental works to todays growing Environental regulations. Rock Solutions has experienced and skilled staff that install todays top environmental products with the proper equipment.

Rock Solutions provides installation of Silt Fence, Tree Protection Fencing, Rip Rap and Rock check Dams, Environmental Matting, Straw Flow check Dams, Metal Culvert Installation, Mudmats, Turbidity Curtains, Silt Sock and Logs, Farm Fence, Pond Access Roads, Armour Stone, Spill Ways, Pond Excavation and Construction, Sodding, Hydro Seeding, Tree and Shrub Planting, Earth Works, Total Site Prepservices to the construction and development industry.

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PO Box 82071, 420 Hwy7 East, Richmond Hill, Ont. L4B 3K2,
eMail :

Cell : 416-230-5569, Office : 416-235-9156, Fax : 416-781-0324

  - Silt Fence
  - Tree Protection Fencing
  - Rip Rap and Rock check Dams
  - Environmental Matting
  - Straw Flow check Dams
  - Metal Culvert Installation
  - Mudmats
  - Turbidity Curtains
  - Silt Sock and Logs
  - Farm Fence
  - Pond Access Roads
  - Armour Stone
  - Spill Ways
  - Pond Excavation and Construction
  - Sodding
  - Hydro Seeding
  - Tree and Shrub Planting
  - Earth Works
  - Total Site Prep